The Bayern coach on the eve of tomorrow’s match: “It’s no surprise that the Nerazzurri qualified. Inzaghi is doing a great job.”

    From our correspondent Davide Stoppini

    October 31st
    – Munich

    “Nothing changes for us with or without Lukaku”. Julian Nagelsmann shoots straight ahead, in the face of news of the new injury that gets rid of a dangerous opponent for Bayern. “Inter are a very strong team – again the coach -, for me it is no surprise that they qualified for the round of 16, they are no less than Barcelona, ​​then in a group often the qualification is decided by the details. Technically they are very strong. Inzaghi is doing a great job. Is he considered young in Italy? Yes, I know that in Serie A the approach is different, we count on more experienced coaches. But I’m happy for Inzaghi. Inter showed very good matches, in the offensive and defensive phases. Getting through the group was fantastic for them, it’s nice to see them play, especially in midfield they have good ideas ”.


    And yes that tomorrow Nagelsmann will make choices also dictated by a first place already conquered in the standings: “We will be forced to do some rotation, due to injuries and also because we have to think about the Bundesliga as well. However, the objective does not change: to win ”. On singles: “Gravenberch plays. Sané, Hernandez and De Ligt are out of the question, as are Muller and Neuer, but there are no problems on these two from a World Cup perspective. We will make targeted choices, without losing sight of the fact that we want to win ”.