Canceled flights and buffer chaos, the Omicron effect on holiday travel

In Italy, long lines and waiting for hours to be able to undergo a swab, in the world over six thousand flights canceled and thousands of connections delayed due to flight personnel in quarantine. The effect of the variant Omicron of the coronavirus he made himself felt heavily during the Christmas weekend with heavy repercussions on the possibility of moving (the tampon is essential to obtain the green pass and to be able to use public or private means of transport such as airplanes, trains, ships and ferries).


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New cancellations on December 26th

The 25th December – according to the Flightaware site – there have been more than 2,650 canceled flights, of which 940 related to the United States. Over 6,350 instead of delayed flights, while in the early hours of December 26th have already been more than 1,800 canceled flights worldwide, e over 3,000 those postponed due to Covid, again according to Flightaware. Friday December 24th have been drawn approx 2,400 cancellations. Thousands of pilots, flight attendants and other staff members had to go into quarantine after being exposed to Covid, which forced Lufthansa, Delta and United Airlines among others to cancel many flights.

According to Flightaware, United Airlines had to cancel around 439 flights on Friday and Saturday, 10% of those scheduled. “The spike in Omicron cases across the country this week has had a direct impact on our crews and the people running operations,” the US company said.

However, Chinese airlines are responsible for the largest number of cancellations: China Eastern has cut about 540 flights, more than a quarter of those scheduled, while Air China has canceled 267, almost a quarter of the total.

In Milan chaos tampons, task force is on its way

On Christmas day, a million tampons were registered in Italy, a record that caused many inconveniences around the territory. The most difficult situation a Milan where on Christmas Eve, since the morning, the waits for the drive through were very long, with people queuing for hours in their cars. Long queues in some cases kilometers. To manage the influx, local police intervention was required at the buffer points. Long queues even in city pharmacies from the early hours of the morning.


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