Bushido process: witness and criminal Kilic was denied re-entry

The deported criminal Veysel Kilic should testify in the Bushido trial as an important witness against Arafat Abou-Chaker. The Berlin State Office for Immigration (LEA) has now refused him re-entry to Germany. The background is the risk classification of the State Criminal Police Office (LKA), according to a spokesman.

Kilic was deported from custody to Turkey on March 12, 2021. In order to testify against the clan boss Abou-Chaker and his three brothers, the responsible judge demanded the re-entry of the offender. A total of four days of negotiations with the offender are said to have been planned.

Re-entry poses a risk to public safety

According to a statement by Bushido, Veysel Kilic is said to have been in the office that evening on January 18, 2018. However, the LKA classified Kilic’s re-entry as too unsafe. A letter from the office said: A stay poses an unacceptable risk to public security and order.” Now the statement is to be made from Turkey. Kilic was charged in Germany with multiple acts of violence, drug trafficking and a shooting. In clan circles he is known as the ‘Big Deal’ or ‘Enforcer’.

Bushido continues to accuse Arafat Abou-Chaker of extortion, deprivation of liberty and assault. Negotiations with Kilic were originally scheduled to begin on March 14.


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