The pop star’s social media use has sparked discussion and concern among his fans over the past year.

    Spears’ fans are worried about her well-being. PDO

    Fans of singer Britney Spears, 40, are once again confused by the star’s unpredictable behavior. Spears’ social media behavior has raised doubts for a long time, especially about her mental well-being.

    Spears has published several nude photos and abnormal texts during the summer. In addition to this, the singer has completely left the Instagram application several times this year, the last time at the end of August.

    This time, Spears posted a video of herself dancing on her Instagram account. During the break from the dance, the singer strangles herself, which scared her fans.

    Spears is wearing a yellow shirt and black shorts while showing her typical dance moves. In the caption, he writes briefly and succinctly “Claws and sadness”.

    The publication has collected nearly 190,000 likes and nearly ten thousand comments.

    In another release, Spears continues to open up. In the publication, he shares his own view of his current state of health.

    – It seems that it is extremely difficult for me to let go of everything… But the real problem is that my family still has no idea about this and they really believe that they have never done anything wrong! Spears is boring.

    – They could at least take responsibility for their own actions and really acknowledge that they have offended me, he continues.

    Interruption with children?

    Spears says the apology will help her deal with the situation she’s going through in her life right now. According to him, the family’s behavior shows that they don’t care about Spears.

    – I don’t have a family that appreciates or respects me! Spears states.

    Spears has two children: Jayden, 16, and Sean, 17. The boys said in an interview a while ago that they wanted their mother to have better mental health and a better future. They have not seen their mother for several months and are currently living with their father, Kevin Federline.

    The children also did not take part in their mother’s wedding celebration, which was organized in June. Spears married model Sam Asghar, 28.

    Spears and Asghari got married in June. PDO

    Source: Mirror