Eva Jinek gets so much criticism because she is talented and Dutch people are generally very envious. At least that’s what Catherine Keyl suspects, she says in Weekend.

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    The storm has abated a bit, but in the spring and summer Eva Jinek came under considerable fire in the aftermath of the VI candle riot. Because of her role in that media row, she has the sticker of a backstabber got pasted. The men of VI still regularly lash out at her.


    Catherine Keyl thinks all this criticism of Eva is unjustified. According to the former talk show host, it also has to do with a bit of envy. “A phenomenon that is rampant in the Netherlands is that our society cannot tolerate it if people are successful for a long time,” she says in the Weekend. “Just wait and see.”

    It’s a plague, Catherine thinks. “Whether they are successful politicians or presenters, they have to be burned down at some point. Just look at Eva Jinek. The Dutch can’t handle it when people are good, we don’t allow each other that.”


    Catherine herself also experienced it. “I once drove a Porsche, that was a childhood dream. A lot of Dutch people then spit on that car or put their thumbs down. Once, when I was standing at the traffic light with that Porsche, an Italian said: ‘Honey, what a beautiful car you have!’ That is the difference.”

    We’re just a nasty bunch, Catherine thinks. “The Dutch are sometimes incredibly envious. But as Linda de Mol also said: fortunately the majority are just very nice. You might forget that.”


    Catherine doesn’t think all the criticism of Linda is justified either. What bothers her most is that she is accused of wallowing in self-pity. “Those are unfeeling people who say that.”

    “It’s terrible if you love a man because she says very clearly that she is crazy about Jeroen and then it turns out that there are all kinds of situations. And that you are then also attacked, that is absurd.”