Waiting for Reggina, Clotet’s men fly to +3 at the top of the standings thanks to the fourth victory in a row. The 2000 class decides with a goal in the 92nd minute

    The perfect image of the match is Flavio Bianchi’s unbridled run in the 92nd minute, who bypasses the billboards and hugs the fans under the Curva Nord. Brescia overcomes Benevento in full recovery: he decides the precise and powerful right of the attacker class 2000, to the third goal of the season. Clotet’s team does not stop, conquers the fourth consecutive victory and stretches over Reggina: first place alone with 15 points, at least for one night. Tomorrow Inzaghi’s men face the Citadel. The Samnites try to defend the result until the end, but they have to give up in the recovery and so comes the second consecutive defeat after the knockout with Cagliari.

    Few occasions

    Good pace in the first few minutes, but there are few opportunities. Benevento tries on 6 ‘with Foulon who triggers Forte, the rebound favors Acampora: shot deflected for a corner. The midfielder born in 1994 is still dangerous, in the next action he tries again and commits Lezzerini forced to reject in bagher. The first chance of the hosts has it Moreo at 12 ‘: wide header. Letizia and the usual Acampora get busy on the wings, they run and try to serve Simy and Forte between them. At 17 ‘Karacic finds Benali in the middle of the area, the former Crotone is alone but does not hit well with his head. At 29 ‘it is Letizia with a great shot to force Lezzerini to overtime. At 40 ‘Glik lands in the Benali area, protests by the players but the referee Gualtieri does not grant the penalty. Before the break Karic is forced to leave due to injury, Koutsoupias enters his place.

    Bianchi decisive

    The first dangerous opportunity of Brescia creates it at 49 ‘Moreo with the head, Veseli anticipates the intervention of the goalkeeper and puts in a corner. Up to 60 ‘Clotet’s team holds the ball and manages the game, but the hosts miss the last pass. Indeed, Paleari makes his first save in the 64th minute: Ndoj crosses for Moreo, a good header and an excellent response from the goalkeeper. Thrill for the Samnites in the 67th minute: Galazzi’s counterattack, Paleari runs out of his area but the striker pulls low. Tense spirits in the last minutes: the referee warns Glik for a foul, then Acampora for protests. Ndoj throws a good free kick at 85, Paleari again rejects and defends the result. The lightning that lights up and decides Rigamonti’s match arrives in the 92nd minute: Flavio Bianchi, who entered in the 72nd minute instead of Moreo, starts the right foot from the edge of the area and punches the opponent’s goal. Three fundamental points for Clotet’s team that earns first place in the standings, waiting for the response from Inzaghi’s Reggina.