Losing their leadership in the 7th week of Spor Toto Super League by losing against Galatasaray 2-1 away, İlhan Palut, coach of Arabam.com Konyaspor, said that they did not deserve the defeat.

    Palut made statements at the press conference held after the match at Nef Stadium.

    Stating that it was a very good game, Palut said, “It was a Super League fight that gave pleasure to the audience in terms of watching. I congratulate both teams for this. I congratulate extra Galatasaray for winning.” said.

    Explaining the plans they made before the match, the young coach said, “We fell behind with a shocking goal before we took any steps to achieve these plans, but my team reacted very well to this. We put our game on the field with confidence as if nothing had happened. We broke all the pressure tests of Galatasaray with our pass game. “We moved to the second zone very comfortably. We could have been a little more effective. We also found very clear positions. Also, we did not give positions similar to Galatasaray.” he said.

    The coach of the green-white team said the following about the second half:

    “Galatasaray had the ball a little in the second half, but we forced our opponent to enter the clear position. We had very good passing opportunities, but due to reasons beyond our control, we were not at the point we wanted in our team speed. We conceded the goal in a moment of distraction. We didn’t deserve to lose today. If a team is going to win today, the match is a draw. If it will not end, this team should have been Konyaspor according to the football played. I congratulate my players.”

    The 45-year-old coach stated that he had no choice about the changes made on the wing and that he used spolia players. He said he couldn’t get the rhythm he wanted, his muscles swelled. I had to pick him up from the game. We took Pavicic instead and conceded the goal 1 minute later. After the balls we won, there were spaces and spaces where we could use and be effective. Even when we caught these gaps, we had to turn the game into a set game That gave our opponent time to defend himself.” used the phrases.

    Konyaspor Coach Palut said that he would not comment on the management of referee Abdulkadir Bitigen, regarding the red card that İbrahim Sehic saw, “Ibrahim’s position was extremely unnecessary. The referee showed Calvo a yellow card for blocking Muslera and punished Sehic. Even though he didn’t show the yellow card to the blocking Torreira, it is necessary to stay calm. He already had the yellow card. Being right in the positions does not give us the right to show the reactions we want. He should have been calm in every sense and allowed the chance to play 11v11 until the end of the match. Actually, with a player in 11v10 We just kept playing our own game.” he concluded his speech.