Bram Moszkowicz questions the integrity of Tim Hofman. He clearly shows that he doubts whether the presenter really did not know about the misconduct at DWDD.

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    With his revealing documentary, Tim Hofman ensured that the entire Voice franchise was taken off the tube by RTL 4 at the beginning of this year. Now his own broadcaster BNNVARA is under fire, also because of transgressive behavior behind the scenes. This time it concerns De Wereld Draait Door, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’s former hit show.

    Bram dist Tim

    After the shocking Volkskrant article that brought the cooperation between Matthijs and BNNVARA to an abrupt end, prominent figures are tumbling over each other to say that his misconduct had been known in the world for years. Critics argue that Tim, as a prominent broadcaster, must have known all about it.

    Bram Moszkowicz spoke very cynically about Tim in Shownieuws yesterday. The fallen criminal lawyer there also pretended that he cannot remember Tim’s name: “Has that gentleman who makes ANGRY reacted yet?”

    ‘Very painful’

    Colleague Evert Santegoeds then: “Yes, he said: ‘We have not received any complaints, otherwise we would certainly have paid attention to it.’”

    He continues: “It is of course also very painful for BNNVARA that this happens, because they were the ones who put everything on edge at the beginning of this year and caused the Voice riot to explode. Subsequently, they appear to have put little order in their own ranks.”

    Question marks

    Bram then ostentatiously questions this: “What he actually says is that that gentleman… I always forget that name.”

    Presenter Manuel Venderbos: “Tim Hofman.”

    Bram cynically: “Yes, Tim Hofman. He says he never knew that something was wrong with that editorial team?

    Evert: “No, he was not a subscriber to Privé and Revu. Much has been written about this in recent years. They really could have sounded the alarm much sooner.”

    “It’s nonsense!”

    Tim is annoyed by the suggestion that he has overlooked the DWDD misconduct. “This is nonsense. I think there were always some rumors going around through the media, I knew them, just like you. Also had no reports at BOOS, as was the case at TVOH,” he tweets.

    He continues: “And whoever thinks that we would look away from that because we would not dare to kick our own boss in the shins, I would like to remind you of the bad letter which we wrote with BOOS to our channel boss (then Kunzeler) in Parool, 2016.”