Biden buys half a billion tests and sends army to hospitals | Abroad

US President Joe Biden promises hundreds of millions of additional rapid tests for Americans and more military support for overstretched hospitals. The measures come as the country struggles with a rapid rise in the number of omikron infections.

Biden wants, among other things, that Americans can have more accessible access to rapid tests. He announced that next week there will be a website where Americans can order them for free. “These will then be delivered to your home,” he said in a speech on Thursday. To meet demand, Biden will purchase another 500 million rapid tests.

The government is also coming to the aid of hospitals struggling with the influx of patients. Medical teams of military personnel are being sent to six more hard-hit states, including New York and New Jersey. The government has already deployed army doctors and nurses to relieve civilian hospitals during the pandemic.

Biden also reminded the Americans of their own responsibility. He called on fellow countrymen to get vaccinated and to get booster shots. According to the president, this is in the national interest. According to the Democrat, more people should wear mouth masks. He called that a “patriotic duty” and said it would become clear next week how high-quality mouth masks will be provided free to all citizens.


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