Balotelli’s brother appoints Super Mario as wedding witness: “His reaction was …”

Enock Barwuah asked Mario Balotelli to be his best man: in 2023 he will marry his girlfriend Giorgia. “I told Mario two months before the proposal. His reaction was to ask me for it three times, thinking it was a joke. Then moved, he hugged me and let himself go saying he was happy, that I grew up, that this is the right time. He was proud of me. Immediately after I told him that he will be the best man, the first name is him, I love my brother “.

Mario Balotelli he had dark, difficult years. But this season he is playing well, he is calmer, he has fallen many times and now he has got up again. The criticisms? They are part of the game. If they are constructive, they are welcome, but if it is about personal antipathy, then it is not right well. And anyway, he always decides the field. So there is little to say “, Enock added regarding his brother’s call-up to the national team.


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