Sint-Lucas is hanging an extra set of balloons for these parents: Lyano made his appearance there at a quarter past twelve on September 21. A first child for Maya and Roy, who also have their birthday on September 21. The two are very proud, you can hardly get a better birthday present of course.

    Lyano was an unexpected but much desired child, so the two didn’t care. “On the contrary, his birth was actually planned a little earlier, the 19th. Since we had to schedule a cesarean section, we were aiming for September 23, which is when our midwife is on duty. When she heard that our birthday is September 21, she decided to book a room through a colleague.” The result: a new Gentenaartje that can expect a big birthday party every year.

    And if another one comes? “We are certainly not going to ‘aim’ to do this again”, says the proud dad. First enjoy this little miracle.