Halle assassin Stephan Balliet at his trial

    Halle assassin Stephan Balliet at his trial Photo: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS | Henrik Schmidt

    By Isabel Pancake

    It was an act of pure cruelty and hatred: the attack on a synagogue in Halle in 2019. Unbelievable: A Berlin prisoner apparently tried to contact the Halle assassin by letter!

    Halle, October 9, 2019: On the highest Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur, right-wing extremist Stephan Balliet (then 27) tried to break into a synagogue by force of arms. He fails, instead shooting a passer-by and a customer in a kebab shop. He streamed the crime live on the Internet using a helmet camera. In 2020 he was sentenced to life imprisonment with subsequent preventive detention for murder and attempted murder.

    A response to a question from the left in the House of Representatives on the subject of right-wing extremism in Berlin prisons shows: A prisoner probably sympathized with the anti-Semitic assassin! He wrote a letter to Balliet, who was also in prison. But the receiving station was still able to intercept it. In the letter, the Berliner Knacki offered the assassin “legal advice” on support.

    The case of two inmates with swastika tattoos in the Heidering correctional facility is also listed in the response from the Judiciary Senate. The stipulation: you must cover the tattoos at all times. Another con had also hidden NPD brochures and the magazine “Deutschestimme” in his cell.


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