Automatic gearbox: globes, pianos, levers. The strangest car controls

The joystick of the automatic transmission is perhaps the only component of modern cars that is still not standardized in shape, size and position. Each car brand sports a different device with unique and distinctive lines. Sometimes these are small design objects capable of combining ergonomics, appearance and function in the best possible way, or small joysticks “borrowed” from the world of aeronautics and videogames. Some may seem uncomfortable, absurd, too advanced, even science fiction, but they are singular and original objects that embody the spirit and technological vision of the brand projecting it into the future. After all, the automatic gearbox has constantly evolved over time, with double clutch, torque converter, CVT, robotized and so on, with it also the drive joystick has changed its look since it was just a simple pivoted lever. on the steering column and printed in the collective imagination thanks to American cars that appeared in Hollywood films. Here is a selection of the strangest and most peculiar automatic gearshift levers (or controls) that equip the cars currently on the market. If we have forgotten any really strange ones, report them in the comments.



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