At a meeting with Macron, Zelensky suddenly spoke Russian

Emmanuel Macron arrived at the Mariinsky Palace half an hour late. At the dark round table, the presidents talked for two and a half hours. And then we went to a briefing with reporters. One of the questions was about yesterday’s quote Vladimir Putin – about Kiev’s attitude to the Minsk agreements. Zelensky is clearly confused and answered in Russian: “Like it, don’t like it, be patient, my beauty.” This is a quote from Vladimir Putin, which Zelensky commented as follows: Ukraine is truly beautiful, and patience is wisdom.

Either wisdom or patience, but the Ukrainian leader seems to have come to terms with the fact that the Minsk agreements will have to be observed. In any case, he declared his readiness to the French guest.

“I discussed these issues with President Putin yesterday, and he confirmed his intention to continue implementing the Minsk agreements,” Macron said. “I also heard from you today that you also ready to implement these agreements. It seems to me that today this is the only way that will allow us to move towards a sustainable peace, the only way that will allow us to find a political solution.”

German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock is also now in Ukraine. left today to Donbass. Rumor has it that she was on the line of contact for only 40 minutes. “I am doing everything in my power so that people here in Europe – and we are in the center of Europe – can live in peace,” the head of the German Foreign Ministry assures.

The day before, the minister was going to meet with President Zelensky. But the negotiations were canceled, the official reason being that the schedules of the politicians did not match. But according to Western journalists, it was a demarche on the part of the Ukrainian president. An undiplomatic expression of frustration at the fact that Berlin does not guarantee the rejection of Nord Stream 2 and military assistance to Kiev.

The office of the President of Ukraine refutes such information. Despite the fact that the revealing message was written by an American journalist, Kiev again sees the hand of Moscow. “This is a completely false context,” assures Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine. “A priori, this could not have happened. In the pursuit of sensationalism, it is very easy to meet an anonymous person who is simply lying or deliberately spreading some kind of Russian narrative.”

The foreign ministers of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria are still visiting Ukraine. The day before, they visited the Lugansk region, and today they held a briefing in Kiev. Traditionally, they promised support, expressed solidarity and threatened Moscow with sanctions.

“There is a very clear sense of consensus in the EU,” said Alexander Schallenberg, Austrian Foreign Minister. “Austria is ready to provide support to Ukraine in case of aggression and support a package of sanctions. It will be painful, painful for everyone. Do we want to follow this path? No. But we will have to use such deterrents.”

On the one hand, the West is going to Ukraine with a big diplomatic parade, and on the other hand, they are worried about their embassies in Kiev. The opportunity to leave the country was given to the employees of their diplomatic missions by Great Britain, Germany, Australia and the USA. Moreover, according to American sources, the US embassy is thinking of moving from Kiev, further away – to the Zapadenschina. Sweden believes that the Kabul scenario is not ruled out in the Ukrainian capital.

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