It was quite a shock for Arjen Lubach when he was thrown in front of the bus by Yvonne Coldeweijer a few weeks ago. Who is her informant? “We all know them.”

    © VPRO

    Yvonne Coldeweijer states that she has quite a bit of ‘rancid’ juice‘ about Arjen Lubach, much to the delight of his arch-rival Lange Frans. Among other things, he would have behaved cross-border towards an intern at the workplace. In fact, the VPRO would even have launched an investigation into this. The broadcaster denies that.

    ‘There is nothing true’

    Are we perhaps dealing with a PR stunt by Arjen himself? Has he himself started something for an item in his program about juice channels? It seems strong to Rob Goossens, the television connoisseur of RTL Boulevard. “I would say: these kinds of things, you really don’t joke about that,” he said earlier.

    Mark Koster now tells in the podcast that he makes together with Yvonne, The Juice Show, that it seems that there is really nothing going on. “We did some research into it and I have to disappoint you, because what I’ve heard from the editors of Lubach exonerates him. They say, ‘It’s not true.’”


    According to Yvonne, it is logical that it is denied. “You don’t disappoint me at all with that. Isn’t that totally the expectation that they’re going to deny that?”

    Mark: “I spoke to two people there, high in the tree. I’m not allowed to name their names, so I won’t, but they say, “No, it’s not true.” I did inquire further about your statement about the intern, but I didn’t get anything in return. It was more the statement ‘it is not true’ and that is the end of it.”

    One hundred percent

    According to Mark, it is quite striking that the VPRO is speaking out about this. “What I did notice is that they said, ‘We never go into gossip, but we did this time.’ So apparently it’s not gossip.”

    Yvonne: “Yes, they were busy with it. I saw that it was briefly picked up in the media and that it was said: ‘Okay, VPRO denies.’ Then I once again asked the source: ‘Are you really sure this is the case? ‘Yes, one hundred percent.’”

    Who is the source?

    According to her, Yvonne’s source can really be trusted. In fact, she hints that this spy is a celebrity. “I know, we all know this source, so…”

    Mark surprised: “We, as in the people who are now talking to each other?”

    Yvonne: “All of us.”