The municipality of Tilburg is going to build temporary apartment complexes in the fight against the housing shortage. Hundreds of prefab homes will be built at five locations in the city. Because they have been there for a maximum of fifteen years, the administrative procedure is faster and the construction time shorter. The first apartments should be ready by the end of 2023.

    The houses are intended for people who urgently need accommodation, for example due to a divorce, bankruptcy or because they come from a care institution. Status holders and students are also eligible.

    to the dr. Bloemenlaan, Meerkoldreef, Laarveld Oost and Bijsterveldenlaan will be temporary complexes with ready-to-use rental apartments. Each location has room for about one hundred to one hundred and fifty apartments. Only Laarveld East is smaller: there is room for about fifty homes.

    It was previously announced that temporary homes will be built on the Ringbaan-Zuid near Stappegoor. Alderman for Housing Oscar Dusschooten: “Because we appeal to the Crisis and Recovery Act, we can get started faster. But of course local residents will have a say.”

    WonenBreburg will build most of the apartments. For director Hans Pars, it is not a financially attractive project: “We invest a lot of money in it and have to depreciate the homes quickly. What do we do with it after fifteen years? Some homes can last thirty to fifty years. Putting them somewhere else is therefore an option.”

    Eindhoven and Helmond
    Tilburg is not the only municipality in Brabant that is looking for a solution in temporary housing. In Eindhoven, 700 movable houses will be built on the north side of the city that can remain in place for a maximum of thirty years. And Helmond is also working on a similar project.

    In May and June, the municipality of Tilburg organizes information evenings for local residents. The decision on the four locations will be made in the summer, after which the consultation procedures will start. The housing associations want to start construction in 2023.

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