Alfons Groenendijk, technical manager of Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, who defeated Demir Grup Sivasspor 2-0 in the 12th week of Spor Toto Super League, said that they were happy to win the match.

    Groenendijk congratulated Sivasspor for their success in the UEFA European Conference League at the press conference held at Sivas 4 Eylül Stadium after the match.

    Noting that Sivasspor entered a difficult fixture this season and they played this away game at the right time, Groenendijk said, “We prepared very well during the week and we had more working time than our opponent. I think we showed a very good stance as a team defense. However, a separate paragraph for the front trio. I will open it, they fought very well. They fulfilled all the elements in terms of team defense that we asked them to, and they contributed a lot.” said.

    Stating that Haji Wright played a game that relieved the team’s defense, Groenendijk congratulated the player for reaching 8 goals.


    Stating that the performance of the team is important, Groenendijk said:

    “It was important how and what we could do collectively. I think every player who played put in a good performance. I think we didn’t give the opponent a clear goal position for 90 minutes. If we look at it from our perspective, two wins in a row. We had good momentum. We have a very good away result. We will call it a win. We aim to reflect the good momentum to the next Fatih Karagümrük match and leave that match with 3 points.”

    Emphasizing that Sivasspor is at a disadvantage in terms of fixtures and that they played three matches in a week, Groenendijk said, “This is the second game, they have another match in Europe three days later. Many players may have difficulties in this fixture. We were prepared accordingly.” made the statement.

    Groenendijk stated that they did not leave any empty space on the field, “Because if we left empty space, they would have had very dangerous weapons. That’s why I think we showed a great stance in terms of team defense. We did not give them this chance. We tried to reflect our own football on the field and took precautions against the opponent. A very good win. We got it.” he said.