The German teams started the CS:GO Major in Rio de Janeiro with victories. Among other things, BIG made up for a big deficit against Furia. The Brazilian teams, on the other hand, remained without a win at their home tournament.

    “It’s always tough to play against such a crowd, especially in this environment. The Brazilian fans are just incredible,” said BIG’s captain Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz in the post-game interview. “Playing against Furia is very difficult, so I’m happy that we somehow turned it around.”

    BIG was already far behind Furia, who were on paper the strongest team from Brazil, until the team saved themselves in overtime with seven rounds in a row and played out the momentum to win 19:16. The loud cheering home crowd has not been an advantage for the host country so far: all teams with Brazilian participation went without a win in the first round.

    From a German point of view, however, it remains a perfect first round. Mouz surprisingly didn’t burn much against Outsiders and won 16:6. Gamerlegion won 16:6 against the South American team 9z, which was supported by the audience.