‘Anouk? I have no contact with that!’

Waylon became very emotional yesterday in Beau van Erven Dorens’ talk show because of the Voice abuse scandal. He casually revealed that he no longer had contact with Anouk.


Waylon’s first media appearance since the abuse scandal surrounding The Voice of Holland does not exactly go unnoticed. The singer burst into tears last night at the talk show table of Beau van Erven Dorens. “How am I in it? It is terrible what has happened,” said the 41-year-old coach.

“How am I in it?”

Initially, Waylon does not seem to want to lose much. “So much has been said about it and there are so many people who draw conclusions and have opinions. We live in a free country and that’s all allowed, but I’ve actually decided not to get involved with that side of The Voice.”

Why not? “Because that’s never the side I’ve chosen or where I’ve stood or where I’ve noticed or known anything. I’ve always been on the bright side of the program. It is there and it is still there for me and it will always be there.”

Waylon in tears

Then Waylon can’t take it anymore. “Pfft, Jesus. Yes, quite a bit has happened,” he says, tears rolling down his cheeks. Host Beau: “Yes, it touches you and I understand that very well.”

Waylon: “Yeah, you know, I’ve been walking around there for six years… I’ve never noticed or seen anything. I almost blame myself for that, you know? So if it has apparently been on the surface and I just haven’t experienced it… Maybe that also means I’m just a naive prick.”

What does he blame himself for? “I am not guilty, but the moment something like this happens, you do feel guilty that you apparently also act for your own candidates… So there are also people from my team with whom things have happened… So apparently I am also unable to been to give those people a safe place and I blame myself for that.”

Sneer to John de Mol

Then he lashes out at John de Mol, who claimed that Voice predator Jeroen Rietbergen did not have a dominant position as musical director of the program. Waylon: “Everyone has a position of power. From the makeup artist to the person who brings you the coffee to the musical director. Everybody. And there you have oneresponsibility, you know.”

Apparently not everyone has taken that responsibility, according to Waylon. “In that position you have aresponsibility and you have to keep your feet off others. And also with your words. You have to deal with your work in a normal way. I always have. And that’s why it hurts extra.”

No more contact

Does he have contact with the other coaches? “New. Of course Anouk canceled a day later. He said: ‘It’s one big corrupt gang over there.’ Well, good. That’s not how I’m in it. I sit down. It makes little sense to me to get on something if it has already stopped. Of course I had no contact with Ali.”

He only spoke to Jan Smit ‘very briefly’. “He was also very shocked, but he was only there for a year. I didn’t have much contact with Lil’ Kleine at all. Well, Marco of course not. He wasn’t in my season either. So yes, I didn’t discuss it with anyone else, but I did talk to the editors and the people who work there.”

Startling TV

What does Weekend boss Bart Ettekoven think of Waylon’s TV performance? “I thought it was startling television. I was shocked by how he reacted to it and what it apparently does to him. I was also shocked that he says between nose and lips that there is little or no contact between the coaches themselves,” he says in Shownieuws.

“You would expect that they would have called each other immediately when this drama unfolded on that Saturday morning. That Waylon calls Anouk or Anouk with Glennis. That you call each other or meet. But none of that.”


The emotional Waylon:


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