André Hazes jr. causes physical complaints to songwriter Bram Koning, whom he has put aside after years without being heard from. “Even my heart functions have been checked.”

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    After years of singing all kinds of tearjerkers, André Hazes jr. wants to change course and modernize his repertoire a bit. He has his old team recklesslywithout any prior notice or explanation. Especially lyricist Bram Konings (in the photo to the left of André) is very concerned about this.

    ‘Call me now!’

    Bram already expressed his dissatisfaction two weeks ago in De Telegraaf, but there was no response from André. And that only makes him sadder. “So I’ve been trying to communicate with everyone for four, five weeks and that’s not working,” he says in a telephone interview with Shownieuws.

    No one from André’s circle is speaking anymore, says Bram. “By everyone I mean André, the management, whatever, but nothing comes from that side at all. So at some point you think: what the f * ck, I want to tell my story too, because it bothers me. I have such a good relationship with him, then I think: call me, we are gabbers of each other.”

    Heart complaints

    Because of this matter, things are getting worse with Bram. “I think I unconsciously made myself very busy, while that is not at all in my nature. Yes, a few things had to be checked: heart functions and so on, all that sort of thing, blood pressure. Just something that doesn’t suit me.”

    He continues: “You can say: yes, but what are you so worried about, because you hear it through the grapevine anyway, only that stings. That hurts. I think he’s having a really hard time himself, but let’s just say I’m disappointed.”

    ‘This goes very far’

    Show news expert Bart Ettekoven is very sorry that André knowingly and willingly causes physical complaints to his former colleague. “That goes a long way, of course, that this man just really gets physical complaints from all the stress.”

    Colleague Dyantha Brooks: “But when I watched the documentary I also had such a depressed feeling: why shouldn’t an artist be allowed to work with other producers? They wanted to hold him so badly.”

    Bart: “That is allowed and they say so themselves, because I spoke to Edwin van Hoevelaak (also dumped, ed.) Tonight. He said, ‘With all love, he must go his divine way, just communicate about it. From: my new album I’m going to do three or four songs with you and I want to make the rest with new talent.’”

    Difficult relationship

    Dyantha: “But isn’t he in a phase in his life where he already has a lot of difficult relationships and just has to sort it out and doesn’t explain everything?”

    Bart: “But it wasn’t really a difficult relationship, because we also saw in that documentary how incredibly close they are with each other and what a warm bath it was.”

    Ellemieke Vermolen: “It’s a bit of an effort to just say: ‘Sorry, we’re going to do things differently.’”

    Bart: “One way or another, he cannot handle that confrontation.”


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