Sami Helenius and Tommi Manninen made it to the final. Four

    The newest season of Survivor culminated in the finale on Sunday night. An ex-hockey player was crowned the winner Sami Heleniuswho received 4 votes in the final.

    At the last tribal council, Helenius faced Tommi Manninen. The men had already made an alliance during the first days. Before the jury could vote, both finalists got to justify why they should win.

    – When I started the competition, I thought I knew how to play Survivor. That reality hit the eyes pretty hard right at the beginning of the game. I had no idea what I had to do here if I was going to succeed, Helenius admitted right away at the beginning of his speech.

    Sami Helenius won the Survivors and claimed the 30,000 euro jackpot in the Survivors. Four

    The man felt that he grew a lot during the competition and that he learned to play by following other players.

    – When I go home, I will be a better father, a better husband, even a better son.

    Manninen, in turn, wanted to open up to the jury his style of play.

    – I know that I have made many alliances and promises that I have not been able to keep. On the other hand, the alliances I made at the very beginning, like with Sam on the first day or when he was thrown to Timur. Helmer and I shook hands to keep each other’s sides, so I’ve always looked after the guy. Even if the problem is not with me, but with my ally, I have been ready to defend that person and the alliance.

    In his speech, Helenius explained that he had grown as a player during the competition. Four

    Tough questions

    The jury also got to ask the finalists clarifying questions. Pok Biil wanted an answer from Helenius as to why he had voted her out, even though the two had an alliance.

    – I really trusted him a lot. I was really sad when you voted me off. What was in it? Bill asked.

    – It was just a pure play move. In the individual competitions, you were just such a tough competitor, the ex-hockey player answered.

    Leo Stillman was surprised by Mannen’s lack of confidence during the competition.

    – You told me that you don’t want to play with me because you couldn’t trust Me after you thought I had that amulet. Could you trust him? Stillman asked.

    The jury listened carefully to the finalists’ answers. Four

    According to Manninen, the men have gotten along on a personal level, but not in terms of games. According to Manninen, the situation was also influenced by the mixing of tribes, when Stillman moved to another camp.

    – We met again when the tribes were united. I had to survive for at least ten days with other people, with whom I played twice as much as I played with him, explained Manninen.

    In the end, they voted for Helenius Julia Korpinen, Karoliina Tuominen and Leo Stillman. Korpinen was allowed to cast two votes because Helenius had previously won one extra vote in the award challenge. Wallu Valpio, Pok Biil and Helmeri Pirinen voted for Manninen in turn.

    Sami Helenius celebrates his Survivors victory.