Despite the theft, Erika Vikman’s gig went well.

    According to her, Erika Vikman’s gig went wonderfully in Seinäjoki. Roni Lehti

    Erika Vikman’s gig bus was broken into on Friday in Lahti, and equipment required for performing was taken for hundreds of thousands of euros.

    Erika now says on Instagram that despite the setback, the gig at Seinäjoki Rytmikorriamo could be organized on Saturday.

    Portion Boys, known for their catchy songs, came to the rescue.

    – Thank you @portionboysofficial for lending us the missing equipment! Thank you Rytmikorjaamo people for helping my crew get the technical side right! Thank you to my crew and band for their great dedication to this production. Thank you for your patience, diligence and admirable attitude, writes Erika to Instagram.

    There is no information yet on the fate of the gig cabins. Among other things, the monitor counter, monitor rack, bass drum and the entire lighting equipment went on the journey of the thief or thieves.

    Erika Vikman is now calling for vigilance, i.e. if someone starts selling expensive playing equipment on online forums, alarm bells should ring.

    – Every tip can help you find the stuff! We will do everything we can to make tonight’s gig. If we can’t get the equipment together, it will have to be canceled, Erika Vikman told her fans on Saturday in Iltalehti.

    Erika Vikman in an interview with Iltalehti at the Emma gala.