An unprecedented plot twist in the Diili program – The competitors cannot believe their ears

An extraordinary scene is seen in the deal, when the advisers intervene in the competitors’ performances. THE STORY CONTAINS PLOT REVEALS!

Deal– in the sixth episode of the program, many plot twists are experienced. It is a two-part episode where the teams’ task is to organize a relaxing recreation day for busy business people.

At the beginning of the program, Jaajo Linnonmaa stated that Jessi and Berries are project managers. In general, the teams themselves have been allowed to decide their leaders.

The project managers and their teams get the plans up to speed and the day’s activities have just been concluded.

The competitors did not guess what was in store. Four

Linnonmaa advisors Amel Gaily and Toni Lähde however, they ask the project managers to go to the back to discuss. Usually the advisers are silent throughout the task and they have not previously interfered in any way with the competitors.

Gaily and Lähde tell about a plot twist that hasn’t happened before Deal seen in history.

– In today’s working life, only change is constant. A lot is required of a leader. It is not only expected that the leader stays with the change and is adaptable, but the leader must also get all the other team members to be guided along, Gaily begins.

– Change can always lead you to victory or defeat. Today this change is that Marjut will move to Tarmo as project manager and Jessi will move to Liidii as project manager, Lähde tells Jess and Marjut.

Competitors are tasked with planning a relaxing recreation day. Four

Managers to change

Jessi and Marjut therefore switch teams and become project managers in each other’s teams. At the same time, they take their own team’s plans with them for the other team to implement.

– Now, of course, we are weighing both my skills, but also that team’s, and how it is able to shake up their ready-made plan and start implementing what we had as a vision, Marjut describes.

The teams take the news in very different ways. Liidi team Always, Sandra, Niklas and Jussi receive Jess hysterically laughing and clapping.

The counselors tell the contestants about an unexpected plot twist. Four

In the Tarmo team, the atmosphere is quieter and more awkward. Specially Strait and Jose are visibly disappointed with the situation.

Gaily is confused by how stone-faced Jessi took the change.

– The bigger shock for the team members did not come from the fact that the project manager changed, but from the fact that the plan for the day changed completely, Gaily describes.

– Now it’s been interesting to watch, because it’s quite clear from the faces of Salme and I think Jose that they liked their own plan more, Gaily continues.

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