An emergency regime was introduced in Ulan-Ude due to a fire at TPP-1 – RBK

A fire broke out at TPP-1 in Ulan-Ude, after which an emergency regime was introduced in the region. About it reported in the press service of the city administration on Instagram.

In the administration warned citizens about a possible drop in temperature in residential buildings and the lack of hot water. “Due to the accident at TPP-1, there will be no admission of children to kindergartens,” – added in the press service.

By data of the main department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Republic of Buryatia, a message about smoke pollution at TPP-1 was received at 03:45 local time (22:45 on December 22, Moscow time). “At the time of the arrival of the first fire brigade, there was smoke from the basement of the turbine shop,” the department said.

The Ulan-Ude administration clarified that there was a short circuit, then a fire started in the 6A cable compartment, which led to the shutdown of four boilers and the sixth and two turbine generators. “The fire was eliminated by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and restoration work is underway. Circulation along the heating mains of the city is carried out. The coolant temperature is 70 degrees, ”the press service added.

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