Ambra Angiolini, T’appartengo’s tutorial for a sick fan

Nonot only topping the charts. Amber Angiolini brought back his most famous song, I belong to you, even in the hospital. The actress and judge of X factr gave a visit to a fan of his, a sick and hospitalized young woman. And she took the opportunity to teach her the choreography of the piece which he also presented again at the final of the Sky talent show. A moment that was captured on video and then posted on TikTokgoing around the web and moving millions of users.

Ambra Angiolini and the success of I belong to you

It was the year 1994 when Ambra Angiolini climbed the charts with I belong to you. She was the starlet of then It’s not Rai. And that song has become part of her character: no one can think of her without remembering notes and choreography by I belong to you. To the point that, after singing and dancing to it in the last episode of X Factor, the song was immediately back in trend. Ambra is again at the top of the charts, surpassing even the Maneskins.

The tutorial for Veronica

Here is the star in the hospital next to Veronica, her big fan. The woman is in bed but that doesn’t stop Ambra from teaching her the choreography of the piece. “So, are you ready?” she asks her before starting to show her steps. Veronica is hesitant because she is lying down. «This is medicine. This song doesn’t do shit but that’s what it’s for: it heals crazy thingshe tells her. And from there begins a moving and ironic tutorial whose video has gone viral. «Thanks for all the strength and light» Ambra then wrote on Instagram, sharing a moment spent together with her fan among the Stories.

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Amber behind the scenes

Not just the joy of a fan. The tutorial of I belong to you and also a moment in the actress’ private life away from gossip and the spotlight. In recent times, in fact, his name has ended up in the news for the story about Silvia Slitti’s apartment that the actress would have refused to leave when the contract expired. It seems that only she recently decided to pack her bags and was immortalized while she was photographing ads for some real estate agencies. And yet, away from the cameras, Ambra Angiolini is something else.