Ambra and Francesco Renga, best wishes for 18 years to their daughter Jolanda

T.take them all, but not there family. Although they separated many years ago, between Ambra Angiolini, 44 years old, and Francesco Renga, 53, reigns a relationship of great relaxation and serenity.

Not surprisingly, when it came to lend a hand to the ex-wife in the bad business with Massimiliano Allegri to Strip the News, the singer did not hold back. Neither did their daughter Jolanda Renga, who defended his mother with a drawn sword.

And, on the occasion of the birthday of their “girl“, The two artists“ broke up ”on Instagram with declarations full of love for the girl, which he has just accomplished 18 years. The couple also had Leonardo, which today has 15 years.

«Here we are», writes father Francesco Renga, «the day has arrived. Today my princess, my greatest love @jolandarenga turns 18! 18 years served to make you the beautiful woman you are. After all, you were right from the start. Your eyes were i my eyes on the world… And about me ».

The parent then goes on to congratulate his “precious and wonderful treasure. Needless to tell you that in my eyes, stay the baby I held in my arms. Best wishes love, that life always reserves for you beautiful surprises, so you will never get bored! ».

In support of the caption, yes very tender, the singer posted a picture in which she holds her eldest daughter in her arms as a child, who appears to be less than a year old in the photo.

ambra angiolini francesco ranga jolanda renga 18 years old

A beautiful close-up of Jolanda. (Instagram)

And the best wishes from mother Ambra

Mother Ambra was not far behind too. But he attempted a more extreme approach, in all senses. He took his daughter to make one zipline together on Lake Maggiore, then shooting the scene and posting the movie on Instagram.

“What then you’ve always been 18, who could ever have signed a permanent contract with me? »asked the actress. “Your signature on my still blank sheet of paper, your first” scream “to life and dad telling me”Amo is pissed off just like you! “. Thanks for believing me, it wasn’t easy ».



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