Amazon wants to set up a large logistics center in Lower Bavaria. The site is to be in the municipality of Rohr in the Kelheim district. “In this regard, we are in constructive talks with the market community and the developer Panattoni,” said a spokesman for Amazon Germany on Thursday.

    The Bayern media group reported first. The new logistics center would therefore be planned to be about as large as the location in Hof that opened in May with over 1000 employees. According to the US group, the investments for such projects amount to hundreds of millions.

    At Amazon, logistics centers are the large shipping warehouses that supply the smaller sorting and distribution centers by truck. From the latter, the packages are sent to the customers. According to Amazon, a piece of forest the size of a football field would have to be cleared for the construction. “In this regard, we are in contact with the local market community and the responsible authorities,” said the spokesman. Amazon assures reforestation and other compensation measures. The group therefore wants to replant a “higher quality forest”.