Around 70 employees took part in a rally, said a spokesman for the Verdi union. The mood is good. For the employees it is a first step “to become stronger”. The aim of the warning strike is better pay. The whole shift is called, followed later by the late shift. According to the union, around 1,700 employees work in Winsen, a good third of them on temporary contracts. According to a spokesman, Amazon sees no effects of the warning strike on operations.

    “We are on strike because Amazon has made a wage adjustment that is far too low,” a Verdi representative was quoted as saying. “Amazon is now paying three percent more without negotiating with the union. That’s not enough for us.” Against the background of high inflation, that is not enough.

    The Amazon spokesman emphasized that all employees at Amazon logistics locations in Germany will receive a wage increase from September. In Winsen, this increases the gross starting wage to EUR 12.59 per hour. There is also a variable bonus – a total of 13.17 euros. After two years of service, this means a gross salary of around 35,000 euros per year. There are also extras and benefits such as subsidies for local public transport, company pension schemes and subsidies for further training of up to 8,000 euros. “We are currently in contact with the responsible works council in Winsen to implement this proposal,” he said.

    Amazon shares temporarily gained 0.09 percent in NASDAQ trading to $126.97.


    WINSEN (dpa-AFX)

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