Albertism celebrates the resignation of Máximo Kirchner in a low voice

Shortly after seven in the evening on the last day of February, and after the positive climate that the government of Alberto Fernandez over the weekend after the announcement of a pre-agreement with the IMF, Maximo Kirchner he dropped the bomb: he took a step to the side in the conduction of the block of the front of all in the Chamber of Deputies.

In a letter, the leader of The Campora He announced the reasons for his resignation: “not sharing the strategy used and much less the results obtained in the negotiation with the IMF, carried out exclusively by the economic cabinet and the negotiating group that responds and has the absolute confidence of the President of the Nation, to whom I never stopped telling him my vision so as not to reach this result”.

“Some may wonder what option I offer. In principle, call things by their name: not to talk about a tough negotiation when it wasn’t, much less talk about ‘benefits’. The reality is harsh. I saw President Kirchner burn his life in these types of situations, ”he wrote. Maximo Kirchnerwho made the decision out of conviction, according to his words.

In the Government they see it differently: “Maximum sought to snatch Alberto Fernández and Martín Guzmán the victory of the agreement with the IMF and the tracing of a course that left them on the sidelines”. Something that the son of the vice president claimed in writing: “I do not regret having provided a treatment that was not reciprocal”. Paragraph in which he also marked his disapproval of his mother’s agreement with the president: “I put my prejudices aside and also the grievances received to form the Front of All”.

“You made him lose the 2017 election and he helped you get to where you are. She called Esteban Bullrich, who during that campaign got into it with her daughter, and made himself available to her when she got sick. And I clarify that I I did not agree with your candidacy just as I do not approve of this negotiation now. For this reason, I think it will be better for you with her, who is the head of this political space, ”he would have told him in private Maximo Kirchner to Alberto Fernandez according to Horace Verbitsky.

close to the leader The Campora they clarified that Cristina Kirchner I did not agree with that decision”, but that the vice president and several colleagues from the space, supported him in his rejection of the agreement with the IMF. “There are worried views that this agreement will lead to an adjustment, something that none of us wants. I respect it. Máximo made this decision and we will be defining who will replace him,” the president said a few hours later in an interview with C5N.

That medium and other related journalists were asked from Casa Rosada: “You have to dramatize the theme Maximum. He wanted to leave and left the presidency of the bloc. He was not comfortable. Ready”. The president himself gave that message in the interview with Gustavo Sylvestre. And those around him believe that it will be for the better, as the deputy himself expressed: leaves a vacant place that Alberto Fernández can take to put one of their own ideally.

Máximo Kirchner already had his problems in the bloc after the budget. And it is annoying that he does not hold meetings, that he does not communicate”, they say in the corridors of Congress. Other deputies of the Front of All they felt invisible and little heard. The laterality that Máximo demands from the president is not precisely typical of Kirchnerism, they point out. “This gives Máximo Kirchner and La Cámpora an elegant exit with their resignation strategy”, they add. And they point out that the decision would not have been so untimely.

“Two days ago from La Cámpora they have been circulating the video of Máximo saying that in 10 years the IMF credit cannot be paid,” they point out. But from Máximo’s environment they swear that the decision was made the same weekend. “His need to show his position won him over,” read a tweet that the Security Minister forwarded, Hannibal Fernandezaligned with the president.

The same message Fernandez retweeted contained another quoted message. “Our black palates… Sometimes they forget as the same Nestor Kirchner he had to negotiate with the IMF until he was strong and then he kicked them out by paying him in cash. Photos are important, but film is more accurate for opine from the pulpit of purity”, he marked in reference to Máximo Kirchner.

A dead king, post king, they celebrate in the presidential environment that already articulates with Sergio Massa the appointment of the successor. The resignation of the head of La Cámpora from the bloc’s presidency will bring him closer to his base, but it definitively separates him from the decision-making table, and limits him in his political projectionperhaps presidential, even if the prophecy is fulfilled that the new agreement will also be priceless.

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