Albert Verlinde met Humberto Tan once after they got into serious conflict with each other in January. “I briefly went to see him at the Amsterdam Diner.”

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    Albert Verlinde suggested in Shownieuws last January that Humberto Tan was guilty of misconduct. He lumped it together with the abuse scandal around The Voice and called on RTL to conduct a large-scale investigation. And all that completely unfounded.

    Mega conflict

    Albert has come under enormous criticism. Humberto was so gallant to give Albert the opportunity to take back his words, but the show connoisseur waited so long that he decided to press charges. Only after that report did Albert cowardly back off. A little later he even went deep into the dust.

    Nevertheless, Humberto decided to just leave the complaint against Albert. He last spoke about it at the end of February: “Nope. Status quo. If there is news, I will report myself.”

    Albert meets Humberto

    Albert now tells Shownieuws that he met Humberto once after that mega conflict, namely last June at a charity event. “I briefly went to see him at the Amsterdam Diner. There he received a very nice award, so I went to him.”

    That has not been very successful. “I’m still hoping for an extensive conversation, you know? Absolute. I mean, I’m still very sorry about what happened.”

    Mont Blanc

    Apparently, after that conversation, Humberto did not decide to withdraw the complaint against Albert. The show connoisseur is now a bit done with it.

    Albert: “At a certain point you can also continue to apologize, but I keep saying: I can climb Mont Blanc on my knees now, but it ends somewhere. So yeah, we’ll see.”