Active disturbance with a lot of rain spreads across the country | Weather news

From this afternoon until tomorrow evening, an active disturbance will pass over our country with a lot of rain. Tomorrow evening we will reach the back of that disturbance and noticeably colder, unstable, polar air will blow our way. This is reported by the RMI.

Today (Monday) will start variable to partly cloudy with periods of rain. In the center, east and southeast of the country, those showers become more frequent and intense during the day. The maximums are between 6 degrees in the High Fens and 11 degrees in Flanders. The wind is strong at the sea: gusts of wind up to 60 kilometers per hour are possible. It will also be cloudy in Flanders tonight. The night brings rain. The minimums fluctuate between 4 and 8 degrees.

Tomorrow is a cloudy, rainy day. Significant amounts of rain can fall from the sky in the southeastern part of the country. The maxima initially fluctuate between 6 and 10 degrees, later it gradually gets colder. Wednesday starts out dry and cold: the RMI predicts clearings and possibly even ice patches. During the day it will be cloudy with a few showers. Those showers can take on a winter character in the Ardennes. The maximums fluctuate between 1 degree in the High Fens and 6 degrees at the sea.

Also thursday morning it can freeze locally during the clear spells. Clouds will increase again during the day. Periods of rain follow in the evening. Melting snow can fall in the Ardennes. The maximums are between 1 degree and 5 degrees. Friday clearings and showers alternate, in High Belgium these are wintry showers. The maximums fluctuate between 1 degree in the High Fens and 7 degrees in Flanders.

Saturday may become drier, but the RMI does not rule out winter showers. The maxima keep the same values. Sunday will bring more clouds and showers, possibly with a winter character. In the center of the country the maximums fluctuate around 6 degrees.


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