3rd league: SC Freiburg II and SpVgg Unterhaching separate goalless

Status: 08/23/2023 10:17 p.m

On the 3rd match day of the 3rd division, SC Freiburg II drew against Unterhaching. There were no goals in the Dreisamstadion.

At 30 degrees in Freiburg, the first degree belonged to the hosts. Hamadi Al Ghaddioui took a shot from about 23 meters in the 4th minute, but Unterhaching’s keeper René Vollath was there. In a balanced early phase, it was Simon Skarlatidis on the other side who brought the ball in the direction of the Freiburg goal. The SC defense defused the attempt.

YouTube video from SWR Sport Fußball: “3rd division: Freiburg II and Unterhaching split without a goal | SWR Sport”

SC Freiburg II and SpVgg Unterhaching with chances

A quick counterattack by the Freiburg team created the best chance of the game in the 18th minute – again for the home side. Mike Baur came free in front of the Hachinger goal to head the ball, but narrowly missed the right post. Freiburg got into the game better and became the game-determining team until half-time. Shortly before the half-time break, the game association had another opportunity to take the lead. Benedikt Bauer aimed at the goal with his right hand from the penalty area. Benjamin Uphoff saw the ball late, but was able to parry and so the half-time break was goalless.

Disciplined defense from both teams

The game continued to be contested in the second half. However, mistakes happened again and again in the build-up of the game, both teams lacked precision on the offensive. That’s why Freiburg’s Fabian Rüdlin (47th minute) or Patrick Hobsch’s attempt (56th) to get the ball in the penalty area in front of SC keeper Uphoff was unsuccessful. At the same time, the defenses were disciplined. After almost an hour, the coach of the sports club changed the offensive line. Substitute Breunig also came to an end quickly, but he had previously fouled a player from Unterhaching.

Balanced game – tension until the end

Six minutes later, both teams had good chances to take the lead. First, Mathias Fetsch failed because of Uphoff. When Freiburg counterattacked, Breunig missed the goal about eleven meters and the ball flew wide of the post. Around ten minutes before the end, a header from Unterhaching’s Raphael Schifferl went just over the bar. So there were no goals in the game, SC Freiburg II is still waiting for the first win and is in 17th place in the table, SpVgg Unterhaching is in 5th place. On Saturday SC Freiburg II goes to SC Verl. Unterhaching receives Viktoria Köln .

SC Freiburg II – SpVgg Unterhaching 0:0

SC Freiburg II: Uphoff – Fallmann (58th Knappe), Müller, Bichsel, Lungwitz – Stark (78th Allgaier), Rüdlin, Baur (90th Wörner), Lee (58th Breunig) – Al Ghaddioui (58th Lienhard), Fahrner. Trainer: Tribe
SpVgg Unterhaching: Vollath – Schwabl, Schifferl, Welzmüller, Bauer – Maier (63. Westermeier), Waidner, Skarlatidis (90. Schmid), Keller (82. Mashigo) – Fetsch, Hobsch (63. Krattenmacher). Trainer: Unterberger
referee: Timon Schulz (Hanover)
Viewers: 2,500