Ztl Milan: Sala, part of the center closed to cars

The mayor of the Lombardy capital sets the date by which he wants to ban cars from entering the fashion quadrilateral area

In Milan, a further restriction on car circulation is expected, in addition to the limitations already implied by the two restricted traffic zones Area C and Area B. This was confirmed by the mayor of the city, Giuseppe Sala, on the sidelines of the opening of “Il verde e il blu festival”, in which he declared that he wanted to ban access to cars in the “centre-centre” (the area that corresponds to the fashion quadrilateral) by the first half of 2024. A measure that would be added to the new ZTL regulations of the municipality in force from 1 October, together with the price increase for the entrance ticket to Area C scheduled for 30 October.

the mayor’s words

“In the first half of next year we want to close the centre-centre to private traffic, the widened quadrilateral to Corso Matteotti, via Case Rotte up to via Manzoni”. These are the words of the Milanese mayor at the inauguration of “Il verde e il blu festival”, to which he adds: “The mandate dictated by the Mobility Councilor, Arianna Censi, who is working on it, as soon as we have resolved the traffic issues and the microproblems that arise, we will decide to leave”.

fines issue

Mayor Sala also explained how the system will work to detect the entry of cars into this area: “In Corso Venezia, at the intersection with Via Senato, there will be cameras that record passages. Private cars will not be able to enter unless whether they are cars of residents who have a garage or those of those who go to park in underground car parks” – explains the mayor of Milan – “other cameras that re-read the license plate and cancel the potential fine”.