Ziegler signs multi-million contract with safety region. Company from Winschoten must supply 28 tanker sprayers

Ziegler Brandweertechniek Winschoten signed a multi-million contract with the Groningen Safety Region for 28 tanker sprayers on Wednesday evening in the Oude Pekela barracks. The company had difficult times in recent decades, but the tide has now really turned.

In order to be able to fulfill all orders on time, Ziegler is urgently looking for new employees. That is why the company will be at the Northern job fair in Martiniplaza on Friday and Saturday. “We need ten new employees as quickly as possible,” says director Marin Schouten. The company currently employs 75 people.

Additional staff is needed

Additional staff is needed because another large order has been won with the 28 tankers for the Groningen Safety Region. “This nice order provides certainty for the work floor. But the assignment is doubly beautiful because it comes from our own region. The last order from Groningen was certainly from ten years ago.”

Schouten is also happy with the assignment for another reason. “The competition is fierce and we have scored better than the others in all areas. For example, our technical concept is better, we also supply cars with low noise.”

The assignment comes at a perfect time for Ziegler. The company is busy completing a mega order from North-East Gelderland. One of the largest orders ever with a delivery of 75 vehicles. “Although different types, but a big assignment. Groningen’s order fits perfectly. It gives us extra energy.”

Expansion on De Rensel

Now that the future looks bright, Ziegler is thinking about expanding on the De Rensel industrial estate. “We have had an initial conversation with the municipality of Oldambt. We want to grow and that includes expanding with a production warehouse. It is still at an early stage, but we really need to expand,” says Schouten. “Everything is now focused on growth for us.”

The company has been in the black for the last three years. Ziegler has seen other, bleaker times. Last year a turnover of approximately 15 million euros was achieved.

The cars ordered by the Groningen Safety Region must be delivered between 2026 and 2030. They are deployed at various posts in the province. “From Pekela to Leek and so on. We have allocated 15 million euros for this,” says Jaap Kuin, mayor of Pekela and director of the Groningen Safety Region responsible for fire brigade matters. The volunteers on the tanker trucks had input into the construction of the new vehicles. “I’m proud of that. Our own contribution has been very significant.”

99 percent done does not apply to us

Like many companies, Ziegler also experiences delays in the delivery of parts. “The chassis is fine again, but there are parts that we sometimes have to wait weeks for. And a car only leaves our doors when it is 100 percent ready. 99 percent does not apply.”

The tankers yet to be built will be deployed criss-cross at stations in the province. There are a total of 37 posts in rural areas. In addition, the safety region has two professional police forces in the city of Groningen.

The vehicles yet to be built resemble the tanker trucks used in Friesland. “On the understanding that the cars that are made for us will receive an update,” says spokesperson Anneke Dries of the Safety Region. It is partly for this reason that it is not yet clear exactly how much money will be invested in the project.