Zedelgem gets new school building | Focus and WTV

Zedelgem gets a new school building

It has already taken a lot of effort to give the two worn-out primary schools in Zedelgem a new home. The site along Loppemsestraat, next to the residential care center Klaverveld, is already the third option in the meantime.

Scholengroep Sint-Rembert is responsible for the realization of the new building, which meets all modern needs. The school group also opens the school to the community, with space for part-time art education and after-school care, among other things. An investment of 8 million euros, largely subsidized by the Flemish government.

Effects on traffic

Mobility is a hot topic in school environments. It will be busier at the new location, but traffic will be diverted from the second other locations. King car will have to back down, through all kinds of measures.

The new school gates will open in the 26-27 school year. An information meeting for residents will be held on June 21