“Ze hebben dubbel zoveel kans op een melanoom”: study couples blootstelling PFAS aan higher kans op kanker bij vrouwen | Wetenschap & Planet

Vrouwen the zijn blootgesteld aan paalde strains PFAS lijken and verhoogde cans te hebben op eierstokkanker and other strains kanker, waaronder aen dubbeling van de kans op een melanoom. This looks like a new American product based on non-safety chemical substances.

With help from the American CDC from the team of academic researchers, the two women were diagnosed with sommige ‘hormone aal gedreven’ cankers blootgesteld were aan bepaalde per- en polyfluoroalkylstoffen (PFAS), which have been used in dozens of households in industry products, waaronder in vlek- and heat-resistant coils. The writing is in an article that is published in Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology.

Ze vonden soortgelijke connected tussen vrouwen bij wie kanker will vastgesteld en en high blootstelling aan phenolen, die vaak werbruikt in voedselverpakkingen, Kleurstoffen en personal supply products. The onderzoekers from the geen associations tussen de chemicals and cancer diagnoses in men. The onderzoek is based on an analysis of the results from 2005 to 2018, which were verified via a monitoring program from the CDC, which was then carried out in a timely manner. The blood tests are based on cancer diagnoses and levels of PFAS and phenols in blood and urine from the samples.

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With the name PFAS-chemicaliën cannen hormoonfuncties verstoren the specification of the two women, and so the hormonal components can be increased, so that the onderzoekers are vast. Hormonal actieve kankers come vaak voor en zijn moeilijk te genesen, waardoor verder onderzoek naar mogelijke oorzaken uit het milieu van cruciaal belang is, aldus de onderzoekers. “Men here want to worry about what they can do and we want the food in the big bowl to be bloated in the chemical industry,” says one of the onderzoekers, Max Aung. Hij is assistant professor milieugezondheid at the USC Kreck School of Medicine.

The associated substances PFAS and ovaries and barnacles are transported to the other animals in the VS for the first time in the world, and the associated substances containing chemical substances that are known as phenols and bristles are transported in the black region. The onderzoekers are able to make this happen to other Voedingsgewoonten and the use of drinking water fountains. If you have a high blood pressure on a chemical substance that contains PFDE, there will be two different types of melanoma diagnosis, and two different substances will be used.

Lees verder onder de afbeelding.

The associations of PFAS and ovarian cancer are detected by the onderzoekers in the VS for the first time in the world. © Getty Images/Science Photo Libra

The study does not prove that the blootstelling of PFAS and phenols suffers from the cancer diagnoses, according to the onderzoekers, maar het is a strong test of the chemicaliën a role spelen en verder onderzocht. For a long time it is known that the blootstelling of PFAS can be harmful. PFAS can be incorporated into the lever function and the work of the immune system. Also, the suffering can be caused by the increase in cholesterol content, which is harmful to the planting and development of the born child (its bearing birth weight). Twee vormen van kanker (kidney and testis kanker) were associated with a high blood pressure on PFOA.

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