Zakiya Joval from Helsinki won the Miss Afro Diaspora title.

    The winning trio of the Miss Afro Diaspora Finland competition. Zezibelle Foncha, Zakiya Joval and Britney Ekhator. Atte Kajova

    The 2022 Miss Afro Diaspora Finland was crowned in Helsinki. The competition was won by a person from Helsinki Zakiya Joval.

    The competition celebrates African beauty in Finland.

    – Miss Afro Diaspora Finland aims to present African beauty in Finland. The goal of the beauty pageant is to offer young African women born or living in Finland the opportunity to highlight their beauty, cultural diversity, and by presenting their own talents and creativity, says the announcement of the pageant.

    Zakiya Joval is this year’s Miss Afro Diaspora Finland. Atte Kajova

    From the United States to Jämsa

    The 27-year-old winner, who was born in the USA, but mainly spent his childhood in Jämsä, describes the situation as utopian. The recent winner has no previous competition experience.

    – It seems utopian even though a lot of work has been done for this. The situation is really surprising. I could never have imagined that I would win the competition, says Joval.

    The competition was on break for a while. The last time the winner was crowned in 2020. According to Joval, it is important that the competition was organized again.

    – There is no other entity that recognizes dark beauty. It is important that we have our own stage and time to shine as we are, says Joval.

    One of the founders of Miss Afro Diaspora Finland is Kelly Kalonji. Atte Kajova

    According to Joval, next year will be excellent. She hopes to represent dark beauty in the world as well. Due to his own versatile background, Joval feels that he is easily approachable. The winner’s mother is half Kenyan and half Finnish. The father, on the other hand, is from Surinam.

    – I look forward to representing us all over the world. I carry this title with honor, says Joval.

    The recent winner says she wants to bring visibility to dark-skinned women.

    – I want to be a support to many people and especially I want to set a good example.

    The first hereditary princess of the competition Zezibelle Fonchaas well as the second hereditary princess Britney Ekhator. According to the organizers, a lot of everything has been put into organizing the competition, but the final itself was a success. The final was held in Helsinki in the White Hall.