Yvonne rectifies claim about ‘intimidating’ Danny de Munk

Yvonne Coldeweijer corrects the claim she made this week about the troubled folk singer Danny de Munk. She states that he ‘intimidates’ her reporter by demanding two hundred thousand from her.

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It is the blackest year in Danny de Munk’s career. It all started in April, when Yvonne Coldeweijer was quite shocking juice spread about him. A few months later, a woman decided to report rape against the folk singer. That was big unpacked by John van den Heuvel in De Telegraaf.

Danny combative

At the end of June, two weeks after losing an important RTL job, Danny chose to tell his story in RTL Boulevard crying. He denies everything, but of course the damage has already been done. And as this case is delayed, Danny is now considering a civil suit.

For that reason, Danny was in court this week with a request to hear the woman who accuses him and himself in public. “That is in the context of obtaining further evidence for any civil proceedings,” explains his lawyer Royce de Vries to De Telegraaf.

Preliminary stage

What is such a civil procedure for? “That is a procedure in which my client files a claim in court against another party. But I just want to make it clear: there is no civil procedure yet. This is actually the preliminary stage to collect evidence.”

The reporter claims to have been raped by Danny fifteen years ago. “It has been reported. The fact that my client is being accused of rape has also made it into the media. This has had a huge impact on my client. My client says, ‘Those allegations are patently false.’”

Danny emotional

Danny was very emotional in court. “The unilateral negative media attention that has been directed to me since the article in De Telegraaf is an attack on my family and career.”

The reporter is in league with Yvonne, the singer thinks. “may 27th; that was the day of the report. How does Yvonne Coldeweijer know that Mrs. has made the report? I kept a record of everything, so she is still in touch with a juice channel to this day.”

Yvonne rectifies

Yvonne called on her channel this week that Danny would demand two tons from the declarant. She corrects that now. “Last Thursday I posted that Danny de Munk wants to demand two tons from the alleged victim and I called this ‘pure intimidation’.”

That was a bit premature, says Yvonne. “At the moment there is no question of compensation of two tons. The lawyer only talks about a ‘possible claim’. Whether Danny ultimately wants to file this claim has not yet been determined.”


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