Yvonne Coldeweijer tricked by De Speld: ‘Máxima hypothermic!’

Yvonne Coldeweijer has been tricked by a writer from the satirical site De Speld, which leads to some hilarity on social media. “She didn’t understand my stupid Máxima joke!”

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As the juice queen of our country, Yvonne Coldeweijer receives an incredible amount of tips on a daily basis. Sometimes there are shocking stories, sometimes juicy anecdotes and of course – tall trees catch a lot of wind – an awful lot of nonsense. People who want to damage celebrities, people who want to troll Yvonne, people who are just bored…

Juice about Maxima

Yvonne is busy on her juicing days separating the wheat from the chaff and of course she does that quite on autopilot at a certain point. An editor of the satirical ‘news site’ De Speld has sent a ‘tip’ to Yvonne and he is now very happy that she didn’t immediately catch his joke…

This pretty witty joke is now leading to some hilarity on the socials. Jasper to Yvonne: “Hi Yvonne, suppose I have juice about Maxima (yup) can I share it here?”

On the frost

Yvonne naturally responds by rubbing her hands. “Omg fun haha,” she writes. And: “Tell.”

Jasper to that: “Okay, well it seems that she has become hypothermic after lying on the frost all night.”

Yvonne: “You mean it! Where was she then?”

Jasper posted the event on Twitter and wrote: “When you want to troll Yvonne but she doesn’t get your stupid joke.”


Jasper’s followers have to screech about it. “Hahahahaha this one is so easy,” says one Michael.

Peter: “Hahaha genius man!”

Mirjam: “I really have to laugh way too hard at this.”

And Tom: “Brilliant 🤣.”

Aletta thinks Yvonne really got it. “I think she’s just pissing you off 😂.”


Jasper’s tweet has already been viewed 300,000 times: