Bibi Breijman and Waylon will de annoyed today stories by Yvonne Coldeweijer. She spreads a spicy and somewhat embarrassing gossip about the much-discussed love couple.

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    Yvonne Coldeweijer and Bibi Breijman had a friendly relationship for a long time and that is one of the reasons why the juice queen has been silent for a long time about the cheating of Bibi’s beloved Waylon. In fact, at Bibi’s request, the three of them had a video conversation during the abuse riot around The Voice.

    Peace and tranquility?

    Waylon then requested Yvonne to be the first to let him know if she ever got gossip about him. Looks like that deal is off the table. Now that Waylon’s cheating has come out, Yvonne has condemned him harshly. So hard that Bibi is also angry now; he has forgiven Waylon in record time.

    It doesn’t seem quite peaceful in the Bijkerk/Breijman house yet. According to Yvonne, the two misbehaved quite a bit last Friday in a restaurant in The Hague.


    The story Yvonne has heard is ‘so juicy’, she says. “Apparently Bibi and Waylon went to dinner with the kids on Friday at Kyatcha in The Hague. According to the spy, who was also sitting at a table in the restaurant, Bibi suddenly started cursing and screaming at him (reason unknown, but he must have earned it).”

    And then? “Then Waylon, Waylon started crying like a baby and snot came out of his nose. Their newborn son also started to cry and only scream louder, so it was a big spectacle for the tables around them.”

    scream louder

    It was an embarrassing display, according to Yvonne. “He then went to the bathroom and when he came back he wanted to yell back even louder. Among other things, he shouted that he worked so hard for her and the kids and only did his best so that they could lead a good life, but Bibi didn’t want to hear anything more about it.”

    “So it seems that the entire restaurant has been able to enjoy Waylon’s cry. And his snot 🤣”, Yvonne concludes on her juice channel

    The two have not responded to the gossip.

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