Ypres is going to reuse medieval natural stones

    The stones were part of a 700-year-old quay wall. They were found during the reconstruction of the Vandenpeereboomplein. And that’s where the stones go back to.

    The cloth city of Ypres had a harbor 700 years ago. Boats brought raw materials via the Oude Ieperlee to the heart of the city. The remains are exceptionally well preserved: bollards, a harbor crane, but above all a very long quay wall.

    The city recovers the natural stones and reuses them for the redevelopment of Vandenpeerenboomplein, also known as De Leet. There will be a large sofa. Work on this square started in October 2020. De Leet must become much greener, with more terraces and water features, and fewer parking spaces. Everything should be ready by the end of this year, the works on Sint-Maartensplein in 2023.