You’ve Got Mail 2024: guests tonight, sixth episode, 24 February

Noon Saturday evening Channel 5, at 9.35pm, the appointment with is back You’ve Got Mail 2024. As per the format, at the center of the show now in its twenty-sixth edition there are the stories of common people who turns to the program to reconnect with a loved one or to give them a special moment.

Maurizio Costanzo interviews his wife Maria De Filippi and she is moved

You’ve Got Mail 2024guests of the sixth episode Il Volo and Alessandro Siani

Every week one or more famous people come into the studio to bring a moment of joy to one of the recipients of the famous envelopes. Il Volo and Alessandro Siani arrive this evening. The singing trio composed of Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble is fresh from the 2024 Sanremo Festival. They participated with the song Masterpieceranking eighth.

On May 9th they inaugurate their tour, All for oneat the Verona Arena. It repeats on the 12th and 13th, and then moves to Rome on June 8th at the Baths of Caracalla. In July and August there are stops in, among others, Marostica, Bard, Catania, Palermo, Pompeii, Florence, Diamante and Macerata, until the grand finale on September 9th at the Royal Palace of Caserta.

Alessandro Siani, however, returned to the cinema with It happens even in the best familieswhich he also directed. Released last January 1st, it also stars Cristiana Capotondi, Dino Abbrescia, Sergio Friscia, Lucia Sardo and Anna Galiena. December 14th he made his debut at the Teatro Augusteo in Naples as a director with the musical based on the series Sea outside.

Il Volo, guests of the sixth episode of “You’ve Got Mail 2024” broadcast on Saturday 24 February. (Mediaset)

Maria De Filippi: «I have learned to tell other people’s things, but not mine yet»

Maria De Filippi returns to the evening slot of Canale 5 after the special on Tuesday 20 February dedicated to Maurizio Costanzo. A year after the death of her husband and one of the most important figures in the history of Italian television, she explained the reasons why she never spoke about the loss. «Over the last year, many have asked me to talk about him. It happened that many journalists asked for interviews, both in print and on television”, he began.

«I never wanted to do it not for lack of respect for journalists, but because I have always been afraid – and I still have it a little now – that with words both pain and love are trivialized. This was the reason why I didn’t give any interviews.”

An unnecessary explanation, which however continues like this: «I know I’m not very good at telling my things», he admits. And then he adds: «I have learned those of others, but not mine yet». And indeed the extreme confidentiality regarding one’s own private life clashes with the mastery of putting that of others into words.

A skill that has made the fortune of the program. What is striking, in fact, is not the stories themselves, but the way in which he tells them and eviscerates them. From week to week, she brings different stories to the stage, giving each one the same dignity. And she digs deep into each protagonist, often managing to mend relationships that have been broken for years.

“You’ve got mail 2024”, Alessandro Siani guest of the sixth episode. (Mediaset)

You’ve Got Mail 2024the guests of the previous episodes

In the last episode the audience who arrived in the studio were the tennis player Matteo Berrettini, Giorgia and her partner Emanuel Lo. Berrettini was called by Debora, Denise’s sister, a girl who had to deal with mourning following the death of her boyfriend Davide, who passed away during football training.

“You’ve Got Mail 2024”, Alessandro Siani and Maria De Filippi. (Mediaset)

Giorgia and Emmanuel Lo, however, were supportive of Dario, who was determined to ask his girlfriend Giorgia to marry him. Again, a touching story: Giorgia, in fact, lost her father about a year ago. An immense pain, which Dario tried to alleviate with her presence and above all with her unconditional love for her.

Even before, Maria De Filippi welcomed Michele Morrone, Raoul Bova, Luca Argentero, Stefano De Martino, Sabrina Ferilli and Paolo Bonolis. There was no shortage of international guests. In the first episode, in fact, in addition to the host of Hi Darwin some of the protagonists have arrived Bitter earth. Namely Murat Ünalmis, Melike Ipek Yalova and Ugur Günes. In the Turkish soap they played Demir Yaman, Müjgan and Yilmaz respectively.