You’ve Got Mail 2024, guests seventh episode tonight March 2nd

THESaturday evening Channel 5 lights up with a new date with You’ve Got Mail 2024. Tonight at around 9.35pm the seventh episode of the people show will be broadcast. Once again a journey into the stories of ordinary people, who turn to the program in the hope of mending a broken relationship or to surprise a loved one.

When Costanzo said of Maria De Filippi: «I was looking for the woman in whose hand to die... I found her»

You’ve Got Mail 2024the guests of the seventh episode

As always, there is no shortage of guests. Famous people, summoned to take on the role of a sweet surprise for the recipient of the famous envelope. Lorella Cuccarini and Massimiliano Caiazzo will take the studio stage this evening. Lorella Cuccarini is fresh from co-hosting the 2024 Sanremo Festival.

During the covers evening, Friday 9 February, he joined Amadeus on stage, providing moments of pure entertainment. He made his entrance at the Ariston with a medley that retraced his career. From I will dance to The night fliespassing through the musical Greaseuntil you get to Sugar Sugar.

A real dive into the past that involved audiences in the theater and at home and which paid homage to a television that no longer exists. Sanremo aside, Cuccarini is in the cast of Friends from 2021, Where holds the role of singing teacher.

“You’ve got mail 2024”, Massimiliano Caiazzo guest of the episode on Saturday 2 March. (Mediaset)

Massimiliano Caiazzo from Sea outside 4

The other guest is Massimiliano Caiazzo, one of the protagonists of Sea outside 4who plays Carmine Di Salvo in the series. Born 27 years ago in Vico Equense, in the province of Naples, he is among the most loved actors of the Rai 2 cult series. In this season his character makes an important choice.

He decides to leave Naples to permanently distance himself from his mother, Donna Wanda (played by Pia Lanciotti), head of the Di Salvo clan. She would like to bring her girlfriend Rosa Ricci (Maria Esposito) with her, but her obstacles are not lacking. Beyond Sea outsidelast year Caiazzo was enlisted by Giovanna Mezzogiorno for the short film Unfitting.

In the next few months, however, it will be in Underboisseries directed by Andrea De Sica and Giorgio Romano coming out on Disney+.

Lorella Cuccarini guest at “You’ve Got Mail 2024”. (Mediaset)

The challenge with Carlo Conti

Since the first episode, You’ve Got Mail 2024 he clashed with Carlo Conti. From January 13th to today, Rai 1 has offered four episodes of Such and such and two of Just like Sanremo. Between one spin off and another, the final of the 2024 Sanremo Festival broadcast on Saturday 10 February. Tonight the clash continues with a new format.

The first episode of is broadcast at 9.35pm Risk everything 70, a tribute to the famous quiz hosted by Mike Bongiorno broadcast from 1970 to 1974. An experiment that arrives two months after the special episode created to mark the 70th anniversary of television. The challenge will also continue next Saturday, with the second and final episode.

That’s not all, because Carlo Conti and Maria De Filippi clash on the Auditel plan also in autumn, when it airs on Rai 1 Such and such show and on Canale 5 there is You are worth it. Although they are adversaries on the small screen, in real life they are friends.

And it is precisely the affection that binds them to live their respective results peacefully, sometimes wishing the other good luck from their studies. A clear example of fair play from which many should learn.

“You’ve Got Mail 2024”, Lorella Cuccarini and Maria De Filippi. (Mediaset)

You’ve Got Mail 2024 and fair play

Fair play is also demonstrated by the fact that to You’ve Got Mail artists often participate in promotion for works broadcast on the Ra networksthe. This edition saw the participation of Luca Argentero, protagonists of Doc – In your hands 3Stefano De Martino, face of Rai 2 soon to return with the new season of Tonight anything is possible; Sabrina Ferilli, protagonist of the series Gloryjust concluded on Rai 1.

For some time now Rai has also opened its doors to characters broadcast elsewhere, but Maria De Filippi was the first to not worry about giving visibility to the competition. A choice that has always proved successful.