Young Ajax plays a draw at home against FC Den Bosch in a goal-rich duel

At home, Jong Ajax drew 4-4 against FC Den Bosch. Rasmussen (2), Fitz-Jim and Vos managed to find the net on behalf of the team from Amsterdam.

Jong Ajax dominated the match for forty minutes. Christian Rasmussen opened the scoring in the sixteenth minute. About twenty minutes later it was Kian Fitz-Jim who made it 2-0 in a beautiful way. He crossed half the field and from about 20 meters he popped in. Just before half-time, the team from Brabant came back into the game via Nikolaj Möller. He hit from within the sixteen-meter area.

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Rain of goals

Early in the second half, Sylvan Vos seemed to decide the match for Jong Ajax, but less than two minutes later FC Den Bosch came through Teun van Grunsven to 3-2. Young Ajax kept the initiative and in the 58th minute Rasmussen made his second of the evening.

Nevertheless, FC Den Bosch did not give in, because Van Grunsven made the connection goal on behalf of the visitors. In the final phase of the match, Jong Ajax lost it completely and through Möller FC Den Bosch came alongside and the final score was set at 4-4.

Due to the draw, Jong Ajax is tenth in the first division.

Young Ajax line-up: DeGraff; Gooijer (Milovanovic/70), Aertssen, Warmerdam, Pierie; Vos (Misehouy/70), Reign, Fitz-Jim; Hansen (Banel/46), Rasmussen, Hlynsson