“You just bought a liquid disk full of our urine”

The Australian punk band ended up making a quite creative solution.

Illustration of a vinyl record. PDO

The Australian punk band Private Function has organized a special rapture. The band will release on Friday, March 31 370HSSV 0773H album, in honor of which they have produced 50 special vinyl records.

However, limited edition vinyl records are not quite ordinary. According to the band, the “gold editions” in question are filled with the band members’ urine.

Judging by Private Function’s Instagram update, a buyer has been found for all the special editions.

– Congratulations to the 50 people who ordered our “golden” version of our album, the band writes in the caption.

– You just bought a liquid disk full of our urine, the caption continues.

The update states that the production of the disc was very difficult. According to them, it is the world’s first urine-filled vinyls.

– Be nice. Don’t use our DNA to commit crimes, Private Function reminds.

In the video below, all five members of the band present their urine used to make the vinyl record in various containers and jars.