There was a tight final battle in the Hangaillan program.

    Mightily Let’s hang out– quiz program came to an end on Saturday evening. The journalist had cleared their way to the final Jani Halme and a comedian Anna Rimpelä and fashion editor Sami Sykkö and media personality Lotta Backlund.

    Celebrity couples had to answer demanding quiz questions based on clues. At the beginning of the program, a question was asked which of the picture clues refers to the most liked Instagram picture in the world. Among the picture clues was an egg, a football player Christian Ronaldo and a soccer star Lionel Messi.

    – For a long time there was an egg that was the most popular and most liked picture in the world, but then Christian Ronaldo passed, Lotta Backlund justified the answer.

    The team of Jan and Anna, in turn, guessed that the egg was the correct answer.

    Jenni Poikelus and Riku Rantala hosted the Hengaillaan program. Sari Soininen

    However, neither team answered the question correctly. Before the second presenter of the program Riku Rantala revealed the correct answer, he picked up an egg from under the table.

    – At the moment (the most liked picture) is the published picture of Lionel Messi’s victory over last year’s World Cup. Before those World Cups, the place of the most liked picture on Instagram was dominated by this picture, Rantala stated and pointed to the egg.

    The actor who piloted the show Jenni Poikelus was not speechless in the situation.

    – This is the only picture of an egg that can be sent on social media, Poikelus threw.

    – It’s clear, Rantala answered.

    In the end, Jani Halme and Anna Rimpelä were crowned the winners of the entire program. They collected 38 points during the night.