Yle: Russia is worryingly moving its military satellites

According to Yle’s information, Russia is probably spying on Finnish communications with military satellites.

Russia has parked its military satellites in the immediate vicinity of Western communication satellites. dimazel / Adobe Stock

Mightily according to Russia has developed technology with which it can listen to radio waves transmitted by telecommunication satellites.

Even Finns’ communication goes through certain older satellites, and the data is not very strongly encrypted.

Yle says that Russia has parked its Luch spy satellites only a few hundred meters away from the satellites used by Western countries. Typically, the distance between satellites is measured in tens of kilometers.

Among other things, Russian Luches have been observed next to the Intelsat 37e satellite and Eutelsat 3B in recent months.

Docent at the National Defense University and research professor at VTT Technology Research Center Marko Höyhtä told Yle that by spying on communication satellites, it is possible to capture large amounts of data, which can also include private people’s communications.