Yle organized a vote on Christmas calendars – One wish came from behind the tree: “The only option is missing”

The Christmas classic will be shown again this year, but not on Yle’s channels.

Hande, Kauko and Toivo know how to recognize the whistling Näsä that has taken the form of a human. It involves booze. Sub

A classic for adults from 1997, The Christmas Calendar, is for many the only true TV Christmas calendar. It has been eagerly awaited again, as evidenced by the fact that the presentation request has been presented several times – albeit at the wrong address. In the public areas of the Arena belonging to Yle on Facebook pages The Christmas Calendar has been requested specifically for Yle’s online TV. It has been answered in a fun way by praising the calendar and adding the most important one:

– Although there are contents of neighbors. The Joulukalenteri is a production of Maikkar, maybe it will be seen on their channels this year as well? We guess about the arena – and of course we point to the right one.

Shut up it’s even saddened when Yle’s Christmas calendar vote hasn’t included The Christmas Calendar at all.

– Well, it wasn’t my favorite. The Christmas calendar is my favorite, nothing else, he has been biting on social media.

Raimo Smedberg and Seppo Korjus have more than just one role in The Christmas Calendar. They also play Kerttu and Olli from Santa. Sub

Aki too has given a note on the same subject.

– One and only option is missing. Where is The Christmas calendar, he asks after the program in English.

Aki, The Christmas Calendar can be seen starting today on Sub and Katsomo. With a paid Katsomo+ subscription, you can open all hatches at once. Otherwise, Trio Salet’s advances can be followed daily.

This time the issue is a salad with even better image quality. Old episodes have been remastered in HD resolution.

The note of the Immortal’s life in the music box threatens to die out. Will Hande, Kauko and Toivo make it in time? Sub

The Christmas Calendar is based on a Danish story of De Nattergale. The deceased is now responsible for the Finnish language outfit and guidance Jukka Virtanen. The actors are downright iconic Raimo Smedberg, Seppo Korjus and Kari Lehtomäki. They play Hande, Kauko and Toivo. The elves trio sets out to rescue the old Elf One-Year-Old. The nasty Näsät are just hitting the carts.

The Christmas Calendar today at Sub at 18:40 & Katsomo. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.