Yasmin Barbieri and Rauw Alejandro together at the Blue Note

Rauw Alejandro and Yasmin Barbieri were photographed together with a concert on Saturday 20 January at the Blue Note in Milan, historic jazz club in the Lombardy capital. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, who is one of the most beloved artists of Latin urban music, spent the evening with the Italian-Moroccan TikToker and a group of friends.

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Rauw Alejandro and Yasmin Barbieri together in Milan

From the photos, published exclusively by Whoopsee, It really seems like there’s something tender between the two. Rauw Alejandro and Yasmin Barbieri are in fact portrayed while, sitting very close together at the table, they listen absorbedly to the concert. The two, in the image, seem almost embraced while, surrounded by friends, they follow with rapt attention what is happening on the stage of the Milanese venue. All in an atmosphere that suggests an understanding that goes beyond simple friendshipbetween glances and whispered words.

A new love after Rosalía?

The fact that Rauw Alejandro and Yasmin Barbieri can be a couple also seems confirmed by the fact that the Puerto Rican singer recently broke up with his ex-girlfriend, Rosalía. And she immediately consoled herself in the arms of the American actor Jeremy Allen White. The singer-songwriter, apparently, did not stand by and watch: a few days ago he was in Paris at the Louis Vuitton fashion show, but immediately afterwards he arrived in Milan to spend the evening with the tiktoker. Instead, she, an influencer with two and a half million followers, had a relationship in the past with another tiktoker, Chicco Bertozzi, but the two broke up in 2022.

Rauw Alejandro and Yasmin Barbieri: the age difference between the two

Rauw Alejandro (whose real name is Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz), on January 10th she turned 31, while Yasmin Barbieri is just of age: she will turn 19 on March 24th. And it is precisely the age difference between the two that has made some fans turn up their noses, and in the comments on the image of the evening at the Blue Note they do not hide their surprise.