World Indoor Athletics Championships, Tamberi’s encouragement to the Azzurri

The Italian Olympic and world champion will not be in Glasgow, in his place two captains, Fabbri and Folorunso


February 29, 2024 (changed at 11:06 pm) – MILAN

Great athletics is ready to reveal itself in the first, important event of 2024, the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. At the Emirates Arena which has already hosted the 2019 European Indoor Championships, 20 reigning world champions and 7 Tokyo Olympic gold medalists will meet until Sunday. In total there are 651 athletes (320 men and 331 women) representing 133 nations. Twenty-six titles to be awarded: Italy will try to do better than the two podiums (gold for Marcell Jacobs in the 60, bronze for captain Gianmarco Tamberi in the high) and the seven finals won in Belgrade two years ago. Given the absence of the two Olympians, director La Torre decided to assign the leadership ranks to the world champion silver weightlifter Leonardo Fabbri and the 400m athlete Ayomide Folorunso.

In any case, the Azzurri will not lack the support of the great Gimbo, who this year has decided to maximize his preparation for the Paris Olympics. Here is the long message he left for the team on his Instagram profile: “I will follow you from the sofa… standing, sideways, upside down, screaming at the top of my lungs as in the photo. I know you will make me proud of you, I know that you will surprise me, I know that you will make me even more annoyed at not having come. You are the strongest Italian team of all time and the world is realizing it. Aim high. Don’t be afraid of anything or anyone. Every time that you wear that blue is an opportunity to do something special, transform yourself into superheroes with the tricolor in your heart, I am with you, Italy is with you. There is no greater pressure than that of having the opportunity to do something special It’s incredible. It’s your chance. It’s your time!”.